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Children of Time Cover
Children of Ruin Cover
Children of Memory cover
Final Architects Series
Shard of Earth cover
Eyes of the Void cover
Lords of Uncreation cover and link
The Tyrant Philosophers Series
City of Last Chances cover
House of Open Wounds link and cover


Stand Alone Novels
Alien Clay cover and link


The Doors of Eden cover
Cage of Souls cover


Guns of the Dawn cover
Spiderlight cover
Dogs of War Series
Dogs of War cover
Bear Head cover
Echoes of the Fall Series
The Tiger and the Wolf cover
Bear and the Serpent cover
Hyena and Hawk cover
After The War Series
Redemption's Blade cover
The Tales of Catt and Fisher cover
Shadows of the Apt Series
Shadows of the Apt Series Covers and link
Tales of the Apt
Spoils of War cover
A time for grief cover
For Love of Distant Shores cover
The Scent of Tears cover


Expert Systems Books
The Expert System's Brother cover
The Expert System's Champion cover
Abaddon Collection Novellas
The Bloody Deluge cover
Even in the Cannon's Mouth cover
Dracula: Rise of the Beast cover
Terrible Worlds: Revolutions
Ironclads cover
Firewalkers cover
Ogres cover
Terrible Worlds: Transformations


Stand Alone Novellas
Made Things cover
Elder Race cover
The House on the Old Cliffs cover
Feast and Famine cover
The Private Life of Elder Things cover
Warhammer 40000
Day of Ascension cover

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