Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Abaddon Collection Novellas

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A year ago, civilisation died, drowning and choking on its own blood in the brutal scourge of the Cull.

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In The Bloody Deluge (from Journal of the Plague Year) in a world undone by plague a determined medical student tries to shepherd her mentor to safety across Poland, to find herself caught between opposing religious factions.

In Even in the Cannon’s Mouth (from Monstrous Little Voices) a grab-bag of Shakespearean comedy characters face shipwreck, the fourth wall and the unnameable Witch-King of Scotland.

Even in the Cannon's Mouth cover
Dracula: Rise of the Beast cover


Vlad III Drăcula. A warleader in a warlike time: brilliant, charismatic, pious. But what became of him? 

In Noblesse Oblige (from Dracula: Belly of the Beast), Elizabeth Bathory, blood-countess of Hungary, pits herself and her appetites against the original master of vampires.


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