Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian Tchaikovsky

Terrible Worlds: Revolutions

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Three looks at dystopian futures of inequalities and ruin

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In Ironclads, the privileged sons, ‘Scions’, of corporate families go to war in invulnerable battlesuits beyond the dreams of a regular solder. When a Scion goes missing during a US invasion of Sweden, it’s down to the regulars to find out what happened to him.

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Firewalkers are brave. Firewalkers are resourceful.

Firewalkers are expendable.

In Firewalkers, the world is on the point of environmental collapse. The rich jostle for a place on the spaceships being constructed in orbit, but to get there they must travel to the parched equator where the space elevators are. When the power fails and things break, kids called Firewalkers get sent out into the killing heat to fix them.

Except this time Mao, Lupe and Hotep will find something far worse than a bad connection.

Ogres Cover

Ogres are bigger than you. 

Ogres are stronger than you.

Ogres rule the world.

In Ogres, a pastoral paradise is ruled over by huge monsters with barbarous appetites, backed by a technology beyond anything the humble peasants can imagine. When Torquell, the headman’s son, is forced to flee the wrath of their giant landlord, his journey takes him into the heart of the ogre world to find out how it became this way and how it might be challenged.

Finalist: Locus Award, 2023

Shortlist: British Science Fiction Award, 2023

Shortlist: British Fantasy Award, 2023

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