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Tales of the Apt Series

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Tales of the Apt are four collections of shorter fiction set in the world of the Insect-kinden. The first two volumes are my short fiction, the third For Love of Distant Shores, is a collection of four linked novellas, and the final book, The Scent of Tears presents a collection from multiple noted authors, myself included.

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Spoils of War cover

1.    To Own the Sky

2.    Ironclads

3.    Spoils of War

4.    Camouflage

5.    The Shadows of Their Lamps

6.    The Dreams of Avaris

7.    The Prince

8.    Shadow Hunters

9.    Sword and Circle

10.    Idle Hands

11.    An Old Man in a Harsh Season

12.    Brass Mantis

A time for grief cover

1.     Introduction

2.     Loyalties

3.     Bones

4.     Queen of the Night

5.     Fallen Heroes

6.     The Price of Salt

7.     The Naturalist

8.     The Last Ironclad

9.     Alicaea’s Children

10.   A Time for Grief

11.   The Peacemongers

In a narrative reminiscent of Phileas Fogg meets Professor Challenger, For Love of Distant Shores features the exploits of scientist-cum-adventurer Doctor Ludweg Phinagler, as recorded by his (semi-)faithful assistant, Fosse.

For Love of Distant Shores cover

A maverick academic, Phinagler is able to charm almost everyone he meets… except for his fellow academics at Collegium, with whom he is frequently at odds. In part to escape the resultant animosity and scandal, and in part to satisfy his own thirst for knowledge, Phinagler mounts a series of expeditions to the far-flung corners of the world (regions which the author always knew were there but which the main narrative of the novels never allowed him to fully explore). In the process, he confronts ancient mysteries and deadly dangers that the majority of kinden would scarcely believe exist.

Adrian Tchaikovsky has opened up the realm of the Apt, as featured in his best-selling Shadow of the Apt decalogy, to a carefully selected cast of fellow writers, inviting them to do their best and their worst within the world he has created.


Old Blood – Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Scent of Tears – Keris McDonald

Wonder – Frances Hardinge

The Promise of a Threat – David Tallerman

The Unforeseen Path – Juliet E. McKenna

The Message – John Gwynne

The Mantis Way – Peter Newman

Poor Little Earwig Girl – Tom Lloyd

Forwards, Up, Back, Down – Joff Leader

Recipes for Good Living – Justina Robson

God of Profound Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

The Scent of Tears cover

Some of the finest imaginations in fantasy, including winners of the David Gemmell Award, the Costa Book Award and British Fantasy Award, have combined to produce a stunning collection of tales that examine fresh aspects of the Apt world and its people.


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