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Dogs of War Series

My name is Rex. I am a good dog.

Rex is a good dog. A gigantic humanoid cyborg Bioform dog created for military service. Alongside Honey (a bear), Dragon (a lizard) and Bees (some bees) he follows the orders of the private security firm currently prosecuting a war in Mexico. Rex likes following orders. It’s how he knows he’s a good dog. But then Rex’s squad gets cut off from the chain of command and the dog needs to making his own decisions about what’s wrong and what’s right. In the process he and those around him will explore free will, the ethics of service and the legalities of making artificial intellect.  

In Bear Head, the Bioform process has moved on to humans, adapted for life on Mars while they built the first colony out there, as the political scene on Earth descends in a spiral of brutality and manipulation.

Science Fiction. This is currently a 2-book sequence.

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