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Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian was born in Lincolnshire and studied zoology and psychology at Reading before becoming a professional author in 2007. He is a keen role-player and board gamer and is trained in stage-fighting. His literary influences include Gene Wolfe, Mervyn Peake, China Miéville, Steven Erikson, Naomi Novak, Scott Lynch and Alan Campbell.

Adrian primarily explores deep themes, such as artificial intelligence and alien awareness within epic galactic and fantastical settings.

He has a deep interest in the animal world specifically insects from his studies in Zoology and has a particular penchant for spiders. 

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British Science Fiction Award: Best Shorter Fiction. And Put Away Childish Things (Rebellion Publishing). Winner

Hugo Award 2024: Best Series The Final Architects Series (Shards of Earth, Eyes of the Void, Lords of Uncreation). Finalist

Locus Award 2024: Best Science Fiction Novel. Lords of Uncreation (Orbit US/Tor UK). Finalist

Locus Award 2024: Best Fantasy Novel. City of Last Chances (Head of Zeus). Finalist


Hugo 2023 Award Statement

British Science-Fiction Award: Best Novel. City of Last Chances (Head of Zeus) Winner

Neffy Awards (National Fantasy Fan Federation: Best Novel. Lords of Uncreation (Pan Macmillian) Winner

Locus Award 2023: Best Science Fiction Novel. Eyes of the Void (Tor UK; Orbit US) Finalist

Locus Award 2023: Best Novella. Ogres (Solaris). Finalist

British Fantasy Award: Novella. Ogres (Solaris) Shortlist

British Science-Fiction Award: Best Short Fiction. Ogres (Solaris) Shortlist

Subjective Chaos Kind of Award for Science-Fiction 2023. Eyes of the Void (Pan Macmillan) Shortlist

Dragon Award: Best Science Fiction Novel. Children of Memory (Orbit/Pan Macmillan) Shortlist

Kurd Laßwitz Preis 2022 in the Best Translated SF Work 2023. Die Scherben der Erde/Shards of Earth (Heine/Pan Macmillan). Translator: Irene Holicki Shortlist

Kelvin 505 (Spain): Best Translated Novel, Huerfanos de la Tierra (Shards of Earth) (Alamut) Shortlist

Goodreads Choice Awards 2023: Best Science Fiction: Children of Memory. Finalist


British Science Fiction Awards: Shards of Earth (Tor) Winner

Hugo Awards: Elder Race ( 2nd place

Locus Awards: Shards of Earth (Tor) Shortlisted

The Kitschies: Bear Head (Head of Zeus) Shortlist

Subjective Chaos Kind of Award: Shards of Earth (Tor) Shortlist

Ursula Le Guin Award: Elder Race ( Shortlist

Seiun Awards (Japan): Children of Time (Tor) Nomination

(Best Translated Long Work. Translation by Masayuki Uchida) 

Premi Ictineu Awards 2022 Trescafocs (Firewalkers) (Editorial Chronos) Shortlist

(Best novel translated into Catalan. Translation by Edgar Cotes i Argelich)


Golden Dragon Award (Montenegro) for Best International Author (2021) Winner

Sidewise Awards: The Doors of Eden (Tor) Winner

Philip K. Dick Award: The Doors of Eden (Tor) Finalist

British Science Fiction Awards: The Doors of Eden (Tor) Shortlist


Arthur C. Clarke Award: Cage of Souls (Head of Zeus) Shortlist

Prix Utopiales 2020 (France): Dogs of War (Head of Zeus) Shortlist


SciFi Weekender Award for Best Author (2019) Winner

British Science Fiction Award: Children of Ruin (Tor) Winner


British Fantasy Awards: The Tiger and the Wolf (Pan Macmillan) Winner


Arthur C. Clarke Award: Children of Time (Tor) Winner

British Fantasy Awards: Guns of the Dawn (Tor) Shortlist


British Fantasy Awards: “Family Business” in The Alchemy Press Book of Urban Mythic (Best Short Story) Shortlist

David Gemmell Legend Award: War Master’s Gate (Tor UK) Shortlist for Best Novel 2014. 

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