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What’s coming up in 2024!

House of Open Wounds

UK release: December 2023, 

US release March 2024

The second book of the Tyrant Philosophers series, a standalone followup to City of Last Chances, is out now in the UK, to be released in the US and elsewhere in March 2024.  Set in a military hospital, in the midst of a high-magic war, the priests, surgeons and magicians of Forthright Company do their best to keep body and soul together as their superiors weigh up whether their unorthodox methods are worth the benefits of keeping them around.

Alien Clay

UK release: March 2024, 

US release September 2024

A standalone SF novel. On the exoplanet of Kiln, alien ruins speak of a lost civilization, but where did the builders go? Arton Daghdev always wanted to study alien life, but not as a convict condemned to the labour camps for his dissident views. Now he gets to see which will kill him first, the ravenous, invasive biology of Kiln or the brutal regime of the camp.

Service Model

UK and US release: June 2024

A standalone SF novel. As human society collapses, Charles the robot valet travels through the wreckage seeking someone who might still have a use for a well-made cup of tea. He travels through a landscape of robots desperately attempting to fulfil their programming in a world that no longer needs them. What happened to the humans, what part did Charles play and who is the weird, defective robot calling itself the Wonk?

Saturation Point

UK and US release August 2024

A standalone SF novella, the start of a new novella sequence in the Terrible Worlds series. In the Zone, heat and humidity combine to make unassisted human life impossible. Years ago, Dr Fell led a scientific expedition there that left several students dead. Marks, one of the survivors, has been contacted by a shadowy corporation who want her to return. Because someone is active in the Zone, and either Doctor Fell has gone back in, or something is coming out.

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