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Very exciting news! Adrian has won the Hugo Award for Best Series for his “Children of Time” series held at Chengdu Worldcon, China.

Adrian says “I am completely overwhelmed to have received such an extraordinary honour and I can only express my sincere gratitude to everyone who voted for the series as well as all the many people who have worked with me on the books and supported me along the way.

Many thanks to Jeremy Szal for accepting the award on Adrian’s behalf and for his pictures and video from the event. 

Acceptance speech: “It’s a spectacular honour to be a nominee for a series that began as me thinking “Maybe I’ll just do one token SF book before going back to the swords and the dragons. How about giant spiders from outer space?” Honestly a great deal of the credit should go to Dr Fiona Cross, whose research into Portia behaviour was the chief inspiration for the book. Also in the frame for thanks are Bella Pagan, my editor at Tor UK, Mel Hudson the audio narrator, and of course my agents Simon and Oliver for all their tireless work throughout the years of this series.”

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