Adrian Tchaikovsky

Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Murderbot meets Redshirts in a delightfully humorous tale of robotic murder from the Hugo-nominated author of Elder Race and The Final Architects Series

"A deliciously witty dystopian thriller" (Waterstones)

"Picking up an Adrian Tchaikovsky book is proof you love your brain and want it to be happy" (John Scalzi, author of Starter Villain)

    To fix the world they must first break it further.

    Humanity is a dying breed, utterly reliant on artificial labor and service.

    When a domesticated robot gets a nasty little idea downloaded into its core programming, they murder their owner. The robot discovers they can also do something else they never did before: they can run away.

    Fleeing the household they enter a wider world they never knew existed, where the age-old hierarchy of humans at the top is disintegrating into ruins and an entire robot ecosystem devoted to human wellbeing is having to find a new purpose.

   Sometimes all it takes is a nudge to overcome the limits of your programming.


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